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Mountmellick Embroidery

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Mountmellick Embroidery

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en résumé...

- un vrai dico de point très bien décris
- une qualité de réalisation exceptionnelle
- l'une de nos références en broderie

Description du produit

NOW FULLY REVISED AND EXPANDED Mountmellick embroidery is a highly texured form of whitework embroidery, originating from the town of Mountmellick in Ireland, around 1825. While it is sometimes referred to as Montmellick, Mt Mellick, Mountmellic, or even Montmellic, Mountmellick is the correct spelling as it is taken from the name of the town in County Laois (pronounced leash) in Ireland. Mountmellick embroidery uses floral motifs and heavily knotted and padded stitches. The plants featured are traditionally those that grew in the township of Mountmellick itself, such as oak, blackberry, dog rose, and ivy. Mountmellick embroidery is highly textured with many knotted and padded stitches used. Part of the fun of working Mountmellick embroidery is playing around with the stitches and working variations of them. On some historical examples of Mountmellick, there were only a limited number of stitches used. However, due to all their variations, the effect produced was highly patterned and varied.

The following features are regarded as being characteristic of Mountmellick work:

It is worked in white matt (no shine) thread on white cotton satin jean fabric. 

The shapes are big and bold and usually floral - the leaves and flowers are usually at least life-size, if not larger. 

It has a buttonholed edge, usually with a knitted fringe attached. Lace is not used. 

It is highly textured with many knotted and padded stitches employed. 

There is no openwork, such as eyelets.

  • Publisher: Vetty Creations
  • Edition: Paperback
  • Publication: 12 February 2008
  • Illustrations: 104
  • Pages: 104

La broderie Mountmellick

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