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Human Contact is a human size company, we are here to guide you and help you with your creative projects. We love to share our passion for the Wool crafts with you! So please, if you do not find the appropriate answer or you just want a more human contact, write us an email:


Question 1 : What is ?

Our website was born in 1999. It was created to open a special place to share our passion for Wool crafts on the internet. Visit our "History Page" (click on the lower left navigation menu). is made of several parts, 1 didactic part (photo and video free tutorials, a stitch dictionnary, a French/English Knitting/Spinning Dictionnary), 1 community part (forum, free patterns directory, mainly in French but soon enriched by new patterns in English, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Ravelry Profil, Blog) and our Ali Baba Cave with all we need for our creative projects (La boutique :).

You can also meet us in real, once a month in Paris, during our Pub Spinning.


Question 2 : Do you have a brick and mortar store ? a 100% web based store. But we are real people out there and since 2005 (when we opened our store) we have served you exactly like the shop down the road :) You will notice soon that even our emails are smiling ! We now have a faithfull bunch of great clients among whom we have made friends for life!


Question 3 : Do you have a paper catalog ?

Our store is a real treasure chest! We constantly add new products and therefore we do not wish to "fix" this lively catalog on glossy paper. You can visit our store aisles 24/7 and if you wish to see our yarns for real, a few of our suppliers sell colour cards which we sell at real cost (no margin).


Question 4 : How does the forum work ?

Our Forum is currently only in French, we are planning to translate it in the near future. In the meantime, if you do speak a bit of French, please visit our Forum's FAQ:c'est par ici.


Question 5 : I've got a question regarding my order

Our customer service is known to be friendly and very efficient. We do not leave you with a number and a "order in progress" announcement on your account... We track your orders for your and all you need is to send us an email at we will answer promptly.


Question 6 : I am dreaming to buy a product from your shop but I need more details

Contact us! We will guide you with your purchase as we have already tested all the products, even crashtested them ;) and if we have a doubt, we've got an army of specialist out there, ready to help us. So do not hesitate to contact us:


Question 7 : I am looking for a knitting pattern

At the moment, we mainly have French patterns for free but soon we will show more and more patterns in English (we have stared to gather good ones!). If you wish to try your school French, our knitting dictonnary is here to help. Our patterns are displayed on the left side navigation menu.


Question 8 : How do I chose the right spinning wheel/carder/loom for me?

We are here to help you chose the right product for your needs. Please send us an email explaining what product you wish to purchase and we will get back to you with a few questions. Your answers will help us give you the best advice:


Question 9 : I have just received my Spinning Wheel (or another product) and I can't figure out how to use it! I'm a beginner...

"La boutique" guides its clients throughout the purchasing process. We will be delighted to help you and will do so with our profesionalism and knowledge of the Wool Crafts. We will guide your first steps into a new craft. We will help you by email, answering your questions, explaining how things work and also, if you wish to send us pictures of your problem, we will gladly give you our diagnosis and help you solve the mystery ;) We also regularly upload video tutorials to explain to you how our products work and what the best techniques are. So, if you need any assistance, please contact us:


Question 10 : Shipping costs: how does that work? wishes to gather on its shelves as many treasures as possible. Our team travels the World to hunt new gizmos and the best products possible. We also surf the web addictively to keep an eye on the market and of course, we walk kilometers in the best craft fairs in the World. To offer your the widest range of products, we stock our products in many stocking facilities, incuding sometimes the maker's workshop, the handspinner's spinning room, the artist's studio throughout the World. The orders we send contain 3 parcels in average at a simple fixed cost for you. For instance, you may receive: from Quebec a handpainted yarn straight from Sephyra Yarns workshop, a spindle to give spinning a go from the Ashford workshop nested in beautiful New-Zealand, a pair of designer needles from our partner warehouse near Lyon in France or the softest baby alpaca from Knit Picks from our warehouse in Angers (France). It's a bit like Amazon but in a more creative way which allows you to get the best from the best crafts people around. On it is like being in permanent contact with creative workshops throughout the World.
The shipping price? It is just a fixed cost, we do cover the difference in case of multiple parcels. For the heavy or large stuff, there is of course a little extra to pay but not much (spinning wheel or weaving looms), we do cover the difference with the real cost here as well. To know the shipping cost for your order, add the products you wish to buy to your basket and after entering your shipping address, the shop will give you the exact price you will bave to pay. Pretty simple :)


Question 11 : I had to pay GST/VAT and taxes

As indicated in the product's description, if you are based in France, we reimburse all these cost. All you need to do is to send us the Customs' invoice and your bank details (IBAN and SWIFT-BIC only) and we will reimburse you ASAP. Here is the address for these documents (AND ONLY THESE DOCUMENTS ! if you have got something to send us please check the next question). -  C/o PALLIX -  15 rue de Bretagne - 92140 CLAMART - France.


Question 12 : I would like return my order

If you have already ordered on you already know that we have the most flexible return policy. If ever a colour doesn't suit your skin after all, or if you got rid of the boyfriend you planned to knit a jumper for, or for any possible reason you would like to return your order, do not hesitate. If the product and it's packaging is intact, you can send it back when you want. The legal limit is 7 days but we actually accept any return any time. THE ONLY RULE IS: please ask us at for the right address first because as we explained in Question 10, we do have several stocking facilities. If you return your parcel to the wrong address, it might get lost and we will not be able to reimburse you. If the parcel has to be sent from your French address to a foreign country, we will pay the difference (you only pay shipping to return the parcel to France).


Question 13 : I received my parcel all smashed!!!

Postal mishaps happen... even if we take great care of chosing the right packaging to protect our products. If you ever receive a smashed parcel, you can either refuse to accept it and the post will return it to us at no cost or if you discover that a product is broken while you are opening the parcel and the postamn is long gone, please contact-us, we will send you a stamp for you to return the damaged item and when we have received your parcel, we will immediately send you a new one:


Question 14 : I would like to take part of the Free Patterns Directory project. How?

All you need to do is to send the pattern(s) by email at The rules are simple. You need to check if you have the right to send us the pattern, if you are the author or if you have the authorization of the author, or if you have found a vintage pattern published more than 50 years ago. We will check the copyright on every submission and will add to's Free Pattern Directory every pattern we have the right to publish. This Directory has been build, pattern after pattern thank to the help of the now large community of cyber knitters Worldwide.


Question 15 : For any other question, contact us :)


Happy Browsing on !