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 You have a question regarding our e-store LA BOUTIQUE and our products : .

  • For your ORDER TRACKING : we have decided to keep things more human than the usual track your order systems. Please contact us to know more about your order ;-) 
  • RETURN A PARCEL : Contact us before sending any parcel back to get the right address. We do have several stocking facilities and the parcel has to be returned to its proper warehouse In case a parcel is sent to the wrong address, it gets lots and we cannot reimburse you :( 
  • Send us your PATTERNS :
    PLEASE NOTE! We do not send patterns, all we have is already online for you to download for free :)

  • If you are a JOURNALIST Flore is the right person to contact, her email is:



Check out our Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ

At any time, thank to our forum, you can be in touch with us to:

-  Send us your suggestions
-  Ask any questions
-  Ask for help while making something
-  Get an advice
-  Send us photos of your projects
-  And whatever you're thinking of...

And do not forget, what ever mean of communication you have chosen, whichever email address you have selected, we will get back to you within a few business hours maximum. If you do not receive a prompt answer, it means that our zealous anti-spam has caught your message... Please send it back, it happens rarely twice!