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This is an IKEA hack :) how to transform this now cult lamp
into a giant crcocheted flower... spectacular !

easy for absolute beginners

Tutoriel pour créer la LAMPE MASKROS IKEA au crochet

This tutorial will allow you to creat rigid crocheted flower with white cotton and a simple  crochet hook and school glue.
Using a glue gun, you will glue each flower to each metal stem of the IKEA MASKROS lamp. 

To make the flowers, we created a very simple to follow video (soon in English, as it is very visual, you'll feel as if you spoke French ;)
Even the absolute beginners in Crochet will find it easy.

Tutoriel pour créer la LAMPE MASKROS IKEA au crochet



1 - MASKROS IKEA lamp, we have chosen the smaller version but the big one is more spectacular ;)
2 - a large bowl or bassin
3 - baking paper
4 - a few trays or planks of wood or a place on your kitchen bench you can use for 24h for the drying process.
5 - school white starch glue or fabric stiffener. 2 x 250g = 500g.
6 - a jug filled with cold water
7 - a glue gun
8 - refill sticks for the glue gun
9 - 650g of cotton yarns. Here we have used MEMPHIS color 02, but you can also use CHEOPE or SNAPPY BALL, in white 02  or any other colors of course.
10 - one CLOVER HOOK N°3mm ou 3.25mm depending if you crochet tight or not.
11 - one hair clip or pointy knife.

Don't forget for the lamp :

a light bulb as indicated by IKEA on the box.

Start to create 1 flower as per the above video :) with the yarn MEMPHIS you will get the neatest results. It will look pro and shiny.

If you prefer a more "lacy" look to let moore light out, then SNAPPY BALL is a very good option and CHEOPE is the compromise between the two :)

Try different sizes crochet hooks . For example crochet 1 flower with a smaller crochet and a second flower with a bigger crochet. What matters is that your flower has to measure 11cm when dry, just fallen from the hook, not blocked or wet.

When you have the right size hook, crochet 84 flowers.

Tuto pour créer la Lampe MASKROS d'IKEA au crochet

Pour 250g of glue in the bowl. Make sure to empty the pots well. When there is no more glue in them, fill each pot with water to the top. 

Empty the first half of each pot in the bowl, place the caps back on. Shake shake shake (like you mean it) and pour the rest. It will ensure that you are using every bit of cglue in those pots.
The rule is simple: 50% school glue, 50% water.

Lampe Maskros détournement IKEA trempez dans la colle

Soak each flower in the bowl. One by one.

 Tuto Lampe Maskros Ikea, essorez la colle

Squeeze the glue out. Make sure to leave enough glue, the flower with be wet but there musn't be any clump of glue on the flower. Any lump or big drop of glue will not be entirely absorbed by the yarn will create a disgraceful crust when dry.


 Tuto Lampe Maskros Ikea, étirez la fleur

Pull firmly on the flower's petals. Check for "foreign objects" and fluff or hair or any dusty bit you may find on the flower. Get rid of them.

Tuto Lampe Maskros Ikea, positionnez sur du papier sulfu

Spread baking paper on you trays or kitchen bench. You will be using that space for at least 24h to dry your 84 flowers. Put each squeezd and stretched flower on the paper.

Using a hook or a knitting needle, spread each flower well (when wet, don't wait too long). Pull on the stitches all around to give it a neat round aspect. The diameter of each flower should be around 11cm.

 Tuto Lampe Maskros Ikea, étalez vos fleurs pour les sécher

Make sure that the surface you spread you flowers on is very flat (important!) to let them dry for a minimum of 24h. The drying process may vay according to the weather. If it is hot and dry, 24h will be enough. If it is very wet and cold, it might take longer.

 Tuto Lampe Maskros Ikea, fleurs séchées

After a minimum of 24h test your flowers. They must be thoroughly dry and stiff. There shouldn't be any trace of humidity and they should be quite hard.

Note: don't be tempted to test them by bending them or don't start to play with them ;) (we know... it is very tempting...) before the 24h are over. If you do so, you might break the glue and the flower would remain soft and not as stiff as they should.

Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet montage

Open your wonderful MASKROS box :)

Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet montage


Follow the very clear instructions from IKEA and clip each semi-circle on each side of the round structure making sure to keep the little A facing the little A, etc.


Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet glue gun


Plug in your glue gun. Wait a little for the heat to melt the glue... Pour glue, the size of a pea in the middle of the flower. With a quick circular movement cut the leaking glue. 


Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet collage


Immediately place the plastic top,flat side down, while the glue is very hot. With a circular movement, make sure the glue is spread on the surface of this plastique circle. DO not press to hard or the glue will come out of the 2 little holes. This would make clipping this round part to the lamp "stem" difficult.

 Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet collage

If this happens, use the hair clip to get rid of the glue very quicly before it dries out.

Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet isntallation


Once the glue is cold, which takes less than a minute, you can clip the flower on the lamp. If some flower touch each other or are to much appart, it doesn't really matter. The general aspect of the lamp will be great anyway.


Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet


The sun rays are having fun with our lamp :)


Tuto détournement IKEA : lampe Maskros au crochet TERMINEE


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