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Tuto N60 :
Learn How to Spin


To spin a slub yarn you will use either a wheel or a spindle.
REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE  : You need to know how to spin a even medium size yarn.



The easiest fibers to use to spin a slub yarn are pre-separated commercial tops (here). But you can also use well carded or combed wool.
Start as usual (Beginners please click here to access the first spinning course).

You MUST prepare your top before starting to spin. The top/sliver you will be spinning needs to be of the same size as the thickest part of the yarn you wish to create. If the "slubs" will be 1,5 cm thick, then you need to rip your top lengthwise until each strand of wool is 1,5cm.

Start to spin a medium yarn.


After 20 cm, draft promptly with your forward hand (here the left one) a large amount of fibers top form your first slub.


Maintain this slub with your forward hand and very quickly, draft/pull the fibers with your backward hand nearly to the point of breaking the top. You need to leave just enough wool to spin the medium yarn you have started with. The best size for a slub is 10 to 15cm but you can do smaller or bigger ;-)


This mouvement is the most important: you need to control the amount of fiber you "bring" to the slub.
movement 1 : grab a chunky bit of top
movement 2 : break the fibers at the end of the slub to go back to your medium spinning.



When the slub is before the orifice, slow down the feeding a little to ad torsion to this big thick piece of yarn. A slub with not enough torsion could break especially if you ply your slubby yarn.

When you have done so, you may feed the orifice and make your slub enter the orifice. You keep on spinning 15/20 cm of medium yarn.


t is the opposite when you are spinning the thin "medium yarn" part. You must be careful not to over twist it and feed the orifice faster. If you don't, it will create coils which might not go away even after blocking your yarn. (see #9)


You can also be creative and spin an extra fin lace yarn with a huge slub every now and then (farther apart) and you will end up with an amazing texture (knitted, crocheted or woven, even felted): a nice and even fabric planted with big wooly parts looking like pompons.


You can vary the size of the slubs and the distance between them.
For a classical slubby:
Slub's size :10/15cm
Distance between the slubs: 15/20cm


A slub yarn, single or plyed needs to be blocked for 2 reasons:
- 1 ) to compensate the unbalance between the low twist thick and high twist thin parts.
- 2) to felt a little the slubs to give them "corps" and to avoid the fabric to felt once it will be knitted or woven.
Blocking a yarn = wash it with very hot tap water and soap (pre-diluted in the water), give it a very good rinse at the same temperature, drain and dry (the best tool here is a salad spinner). Hang it to dry with a weight attached to the bottom of the skein. (washing liquid bottle does a good job, you can attach a yarn to the handle)

Thank to this tuto, you will be able to create wonderful creative yarns.


Slubby yarn before blocking

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