Viagra-a deadly thirst for love

Viagra-a deadly thirst for love

No sexual revolution can win completely if millions of its soldiers have problems with potency. But now, it seems, the time has come for universal happiness-a means has been invented to raise the last stragglers to battle...

CREATORS. The American scientists R. Furchgott, L. Ignarro and F. Murad, and did not think that their drug will elevate to the status of "Savior of mankind". They experimented industriously with nitric oxide, sincerely believing that the drug they created would be able to resist heart ischemia. However, in the course of research, it turned out that "Viagra" does not heal the heart...

ACTION. "Viagra" works simply: 20 minutes after taking nitric oxide, which is part of the drug, increases the blood flow to the penis, which causes a persistent, up to 5-6 hours, erection. Learn more about over the counter viagra substitute

DEMAND. So the side effect has become the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men today. The discovery for which scientists in 1998 received the Nobel prize in medicine and physiology. Never have pharmacies sold any medicine so expensive and so often: last year in the United States over 3 million (!) prescriptions for this drug were written in 5 months. In Vladivostok, for less than four months after the appearance, more than 3 thousand tablets were sold at a price of 450 to 610 rubles per piece! Clearly, it wasn't just the sick who were buying...

AVAILABILITY. It's not about the price or the mass (oops!) impotence of the male population of Primorye. Serious medical products are sold and purchased as easily as condoms, i.e. without prescriptions. Famous sex therapist, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Ilya Ulyanov wrote only 30 prescriptions for "Viagra". In addition to him, there are nine other similar specialists in the province. Who sold and prescribed the blue " bird of happiness "(angular viagra tablets are blue) to the others? The question is not idle - the remedy for impotence, as it turned out, gives not only the opportunity to love, but also the probability of dying at its peak.

A DEADLY ORGASM. The first SOS signal was given by America - 69 deaths of men in the past year are directly related to the use of "Viagra", and 18 of them died in the sweet moment of orgasm. The victims had problems with the cardiovascular system. Further-more. It has been established that the inhaled stimulants "poppers" (allowed for sale without a prescription), common in the United States and Europe, when mixed with "Viagra", form a potentially deadly cocktail. And if you add a little crystal meth-such a mixture is very popular at parties and picnics of young people, as well as among the "blue" - the probability of throwing the hooves at the sweetest moment increases many times.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. In the United States and Europe, we have already experienced the first stage of acquaintance with the"blue bird". ALL measures were taken there to prevent its disorderly use. The European Commission, for example, required sellers of tablets to accompany the packaging with mandatory instructions about possible side effects: headaches, rashes, intestinal disorders, dizziness, runny nose and vision impairment. In France, all ambulance services are aware of possible complications associated with the use of viagra, and doctors are recommended to ask patients if they have taken It. In the United States, a special system of preferential prescriptions has been created exclusively for the truly needy: in the packaging of 30 tablets accepted in this country, an American pays only for 10, the rest is paid by the state.